Wendy & Dyson Kinght Engagement Session


As a one of the Premier Destination  Wedding Photographer I get to photograph at some of the most amazing places in the Bahamas. When I get a couple as amazing as Wendy  & Dyson it’s a major plus. As I reminisce about their awesome engagement session a few weeks ago, I must say I’m really excited about documenting their wedding in the upcoming February . On behalf of our team here at Ali K Films & Photography we would like to share this unique, Engagements Session with you guys . Enjoy !

What Make Your Love So Special ?

Our love is special because it is one that has grown from friendship. It also is closely tied to our deepest passion, which is music.


Describe your engagement session.

We had a wonderful time with Ali. He seamlessly executed our glamour and elegant theme and is a dream to work with. Punctual and great with giving direction. We would highly recommend Ali K Films

What's Your Favorite Thing To Do As A Couple ?

We are constantly working and entertaining people. Our most favorite thing to do is be alone together. Relaxing and not having to 'entertain' anyone but ourselves.

Tell us what you’re looking forward to most on the wedding day.

I'm looking forward to saying our vows, and seeing his face for the very first time as my husband.

How Did You Guys Meet?

  Wendy -      Dyson and I met about 7 years ago when I auditioned to be apart of the Visage Band. I instantly noted that he was attractive but really didn't pay any mind to that because I was not exactly in the frame of mind for entertaining any sort of relationships or extra friendships. Nonetheless, Dyson's sweet spirit, warm presence and effervescent personality was hard to get around, and we became fast friends.  The best of friends even! Dyson is one of the best friends you can have as he listens intently, and offers honest advice.  I didn't realize it then, but Dyson had begun to fall in love with me, but the ever patient gentleman that he is, he never pushed and was the man I needed... he was my friend. 

            Fast forward a few years and Dyson and I became a dynamic musical duo.  He was there for me without condition during a most difficult experience that I went through, and once again...he was gentle, kind, warm...everything you want in a friend, in a man.  I then realized that my feelings for him had grew beyond friendship into something deeper. I was hesitant to confront those emotions for a while, but I gave in to the love that was growing between the two of us for so many years.  Why did I take so long to get here?...I often ask myself.  But everything in God's timing.  

When Was The Big Question Popped ?

          Dyson asked me to marry him on the most popular romantic holiday.  I would have never thought he would have chosen such a wildly commercial date to pop the question, which is why I did not see it coming! On Valentine's Day, we stayed at home, ate left overs and painted together. I painted violets. He inked to canvas the prospect of our spending the rest of our lives together. I said yes.

I love him, he loves me.